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We are involved in rendering Printer Maintenance Service

Worn parts should be replaced as quickly as possible in critical cases. Regular maintenance and care are important, so that your printer and photocopier can function without any problems, without any interruptions and with the same permanent quality.

With a maintenance kit you can prolong the service life of your printer or photocopier considerably. One thing should be clear though: Maintenance kits are mostly offered for larger, more professional photocopiers and printers

Printers Service - V Care Systems - Coimbatore

Our quality technicians make the best service and support after the sale.

  • Transfer, pick-up and feeding roller
  • Fixation unit
  • Transfer Roller
  • Plastic tool to remove the transfer roller
  • Fusing assembly (exchange unit)
  • Separation pad
  • Feed-roller-unit
  • Transfer corona unit
  • Cleaning rod for the fusing assembly
  • Feeding unit
  • Cooling fan
  • MP pick-up roller
  • PC pick-up roller
  • LC pick-up roller