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Laptop Services:

We are providing Laptop repair & service.

We provide motherboard chip level service, laptop networking services, battery and adapters, laptop display services and panel repair, laptop software installation and other customized services for your laptops. Our technicians are well-qualified to troubleshoot, diagnose and repair almost all Brand laptops problems including failed power jack, keyboard malfunctioning, power surges, booting problems and dim or flickering LCD screen.

Here is some of Quick Laptop Issues fixed Instantly Like Battery Replacement, Memory Upgrade, Heating issues, Wifi Issues, Keyboard Replacement, Dust Cleaning, Panel Replacement, CPU Fan Replacement, LCD Screen Replacement, Bottom Case Replacement, Touchpad Replacement, Etc..

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Our professional computer service engineers will help with all your day to day Laptop repair issues like

  • Laptop Mother Board Chip Level Service
  • Laptop Accessories for all brands
  • Broken Laptop Rework Solution
  • DVD Writer Replacement for Laptop
  • Key Board Replacement for Laptop
  • Laptop Hinges Rework Solution
  • LCD and LED Display Screen Replacement
  • Laptop Overheating
  • Laptop Cracked or Broken Laptop LCD Screens
  • Broken USB or Power Connector
  • Laptop No Start Up Activity
  • Laptop Power Supply problems
  • Laptop Memory upgrades or replacements
  • Laptop hard disk upgrades or replacements
  • Laptop bios Password & windows password Removal